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References - Sparetime Projects

Exporting game demos for android

  • Urho3D
  • Ogre3D
  • Blender GameEngine

  • QT4 frontend for tracking setup and configuration

  • UI for configuration of self-written blob tracking framework based on openCV
  • UI is written in C++, built on top of QT4 and Boost libraries
  • underlaying framework is a C++ library that abstracts openCV and cvBlobs
  • a python wrapper is built on top of the C++ library for easier integration in other systems (e.g. Blender3D)

  • Augmented Reality with Ogre3D and ARToolKitPlus

  • Second part of the tracking framework for augmented reality applications
  • C++ library for realtime marker detection and tracking, as well as an scenegraph based render system powered by ogre and artoolkitplus
  • blob tracking and marker tracking can be performed at same time

  • Implementing features for Blender3D

  • Rasterizer and Scenegraph speedups
  • Blender GameEngine API extensions and improvements
  • new features
  • check out my development branches on gitorious

  • Implementing features for OgreKit Engine

  • API extensions and improvements

  • Implementing a complete rpg-game prototype Project Romanic

  • uses blender gameengine
  • about 20k loc (python)
  • modeling, animation, graphics